Elegant Updos Are a Great Choice for Formal Events

When a high-class event is on your agenda, you want a look that will get you noticed. Elegant updos are perfect for those times. While cascading curls will make you look lovely and fresh, there is nothing like elegant updos to give you that chic and classic Audrey Hepburn look.

An elegant updo can be simple or intricate, considering what look you are after. If you are going for perfection, then consider getting the help of a professional stylist. These stylists are knowledgeable, and can suggest a variety of elegant updo hairstyles. Whether you require a hairdo for a formal dinner, elegant prom updos or elegant updos for a wedding, you will be in good hands if you choose a professional.

However, some of us do not have the necessary budget to seek the services of a professional. Luckily, there are many elegant hairstyles that are simple to pull off, so you can do them by yourself. Sources abound for uncomplicated do-it-yourself updos. You can collect pictures of hairstyles you like. Many will include written instructions that are easy to follow.

Many how-to videos online also give you step by step instructions in order to be able to do different types of updos for any event. YouTube is a great source to learn different updos, such as a sleek chignon, French twist or even a braided bun. By following some simple instructions, you will be able to achieve a look that will be the envy of your friends. With more practice, your updo may even be mistaken for a professional’s work.

Adding hair accessories to your elegant updo will really show it off. Adding accessories like sparkly pins or a headband can make a simple updo more exciting. Elegant updos never go out of style. If you want to achieve a chic and sophisticated look without looking like your grandmother, then an updo is definitely the style for you.

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Basic Updos for Long Hair

Having long tresses can be fabulous, but caring for it can be difficult. It can can, of course, take a long time to style and manage long hair. But for times when you are on a tight schedule, simple updos for long hair are a big help. Simple updos for long hair are sophisticated enough for whatever is on your agenda. Continue reading

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A Bridal Updo To Balance that Perfect Wedding Dress

A woman’s wedding day is probably the most important day in her life, so it is only natural that she wants to look her best. It is therefore crucial that she finds the perfect bridal updo for that big day. That stunning wedding dress will not look as striking without a complementary bridal updo.  Continue reading

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Braided Updos Let You Stand Out

Braided updos are a really versatile hairstyle. They can be worn for casual occasions as well as formal ones, such as weddings or proms. Such celebrities as Nicole Richie, Jessica Alba, and Lauren Conrad, to name a few, have sported braided updos, making the style quite popular.  Continue reading

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Great Bun Hairstyle Choices

Bun hairdos are a classic type of style where the hair is pulled away from the face and coiled at the back of the head. It is a wonderful way to add more polish and class to your look. Bun hairstyles can be styled in different ways. You can choose a braided bun, a tight bun, a soft bun, a high bun, a low bun – the options are endless. They are appropriate for either formal or casual events.  Continue reading

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Sexy Beachcomber Hairdos

Summer has arrived once again, which means that it’s time to take advantage of the beach, and enjoy the sun. Summer means swimsuit season, sun dresses, natural makeup and great summer hairstyles. To beat this year’s scorching summer sun, here are a few summer hairstyles that will get you into the fun summer spirit.  Continue reading

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Curly Updos – Taming Your Curls With Style

Curly hair is one of the most difficult hair types to manage because it can often be quite heavy. If you inherited curly hair, you are certainly aware that your hair can be a trick to control and manage. Curly updos can add elegance to your look if executed right. Whether attending a formal event or just going to work, curly updos can add that touch of sophistication to your look.  Continue reading

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